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The Big Conversation Live 
A new series of online events you can join from anywhere in the world.

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The Big Conversation Live:
Are Millennials & Gen Z ready to believe in God?
Mikhaila Peterson & Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme?) 

Tuesday 12th July - via Zoom
8pm-9pm UK / 3pm-4pm EST / 12noon-1pm PST

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Join Justin Brierley and guests, Mikhaila Peterson and Jon McCray for The Big Conversation Live with audience Q&A

Mikhaila Peterson is daughter of psychologist Jordan Peterson and has established her own significant YouTube and podcast following. She recently revealed the she had found God through a series of spiritual experiences.


Jon McCray runs the popular YouTube channel ‘Whaddo You Meme?’, responding to internet atheism and engaging popular culture.


As Millennials with a large Gen Z audience, Mikhaila and Jon will discuss their journeys of faith and the search for meaning and spirituality among the digitally-connected next generation.


Hosted by Justin Brierley.


Includes opportunity to ask questions of Mikhaila and Jon.


Free to attend. Advance Registration essential.


12th July 2022

8pm-9pm (UK) / 3pm (EST) / 12noon (PST)

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