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This year’s sponsor is Harvesters Ministries


Harvesters Ministries is a church planting and training organisation operating in 53 countries around the world. We focus on evangelism, church planting, discipleship, pastoral training and bible distribution.

Local churches need trained pastors! At Harvesters we understand that pastoral training is one of the greatest needs in the missions world today. It costs £120, or £10 monthly, to fully train a pastor. The Harvesters training programme lasts three years, during which the student pastors complete six modules. Topics range from sermon preparation to systematic theology. Pastors are also provided with a Bible in their native language. During the programme each pastor will plant at least one church through evangelism. Your gift today can provide this training for a local church pastor, provide them with a Bible and grow the Kingdom of God around the world. Prayerfully consider your gift of £120 or £10 monthly.

Harvesters Ministries originated in South Africa in 2000 as Steven Loots – our founder – flew over rural villages in Malawi praying, “Lord, help us plant a church there.” The prayer became a vision. Over 20 years later Harvesters is still pressing on with the goal to plant one million churches, train one million pastors and reach and disciple one hundred million people. Harvesters Ministries has grown from a small family ministry to a global movement that expands the Kingdom of God in 43 languages and in 53 countries.  With offices and staff spread over 5 continents, more than 70,000 churches planted globally, 32,000 student pastors in training and over five million new disciples spread over the face of the earth

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