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The Schedule

Unbelievable? The Conference - God Unmuted

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Session 1

Finding our voice

Why Christ alone can win the culture wars 
Glen Scrivener 
Unmuting God: What would Jesus say about race, cancel culture and identity? 

Glen Scrivener, Lisa Fields, Jeff Vines, Calvin Robinson, Phil Vischer 


Audience Q&A with panel 

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Session 2

Speaking Life

How to transform our culture and not be consumed by it 
Alister McGrath 
Unmuting God: How do we speak the authentic voice of Jesus in arts, science and global culture? 

Alister McGrath, Joseph D'Souza, Sharon Dirckx, John Wyatt, Skye Jethani 


Audience Q&A with panel 

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Session 3

Telling our story

Unmuting God: How do I share Jesus in a confused and divided world?   

Glen Scrivener, John Wyatt, Joseph D'Souza, Sharon Dirckx, Jeff Vines, Calvin Robinson 
Audience Q&A with panel 

Session 4

The Big Conversation Live

The Big Conversation Live: Is there a master behind our minds? 

Iain McGilchrist & Sharon Dirckx 


Including audience Q&A 

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