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Premier Unbelievable? The Conference

Saturday 14 May 2022 2pm BST 9am Eastern 6am Pacific

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Thanks for coming to Unbelievable? The Conference 2022 has taken place.


Look out for the Digital Download of the conference being made available soon.

We are living through uncertain and divided times, filled with 

ideological wars, skepticism, Covid and cancel culture.

Many Christians feel nervous about speaking up. 


How can you speak into our confused culture with grace and truth?  


It’s time to take God 'off mute’ and find your authentic voice again. 


At this year’s conference, hosted by Justin Brierley, live from the British Library in London, leading thinkers, evangelists and theologians from across the world will help Christians learn how to be a confident voice and faithful witness to Christ.

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The conference comprises four main sessions, each with its own theme:

Session 1: Finding our voice: 2pm BST / 9am Eastern / 6am Pacific
Main talk: Why Christ alone can win the culture wars - Glen Scrivener 

Session 2: Speaking Life: 4pm BST / 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific 

Main Talk: How to transform our culture and not be consumed by it - Alister McGrath 

Session 3: Telling our story: 6.30pm BST / 1.30pm Eastern / 10.30am Pacific 

Panel discussion: Unmuting God: How do I share Jesus in a confused and divided world?   


Session 4: The Big Conversation Live: Is there a master behind our minds?:

8pm BST / 3pm Eastern / 12midday Pacific - Sharon Dirckx and Ian McGilchrest

See the full schedule here.

PLUS we’ll be celebrating the official launch of Premier Unbelievable? - our new multi-media ministry that exists to help skeptics explore faith and Christians to understand, defend and share their faith with confidence.  

Additional information:

The Big Conversation Live

3pm Eastern, 12noon Pacific 


‘Is there a Master behind our Minds?’

Iain McGilchrist & Sharon Dirckx


As part of this year’s event, you will be part of an exclusive live audience for The Big Conversation, hosted in partnership with John Templeton Foundation.  


Justin will be hosting leading psychiatrist, philosopher and author Dr Iain McGilchrist, author of the influential book ’The Master and his Emissary’ in conversation with Christian neuroscientist Sharon Dirckx as they discuss brain science, consciousness and God. 

The Big Conversation forms Session 4 of the day.

Meet The Panel


The British Library

96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB,, +443303331144

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