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Premier Unbelievable? Live 
A new series of online events you can join from anywhere in the world.

2nd EVENT:

Unbelievable? Live: Ask Philip Yancey Anything

1st March - via Zoom
8pm-9pm GMT / 3pm-4pm EST / 12noon-1pm PST

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In the second of this new series of live webinars from Premier Unbelievable?, hosted by Justin Brierley, you will have the chance to put your questions to prolific author Philip Yancey. Yancey has had a tremendous influence in helping many Christians to understand and better engage their faith.


Justin will also be interviewing Yancey on the publication of his autobiography Where The Light Fell, which journeys through his early life and subsequent work as a writer and journalist, and how this led him - through such turbulent times as the post-WWII era and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s - to become not only an influence on the evangelical global church, but a voice for those who have been scarred by its failings.


Yancey is also releasing a new book called A Companion In Crisis, based on the devotions of John Donne. Justin will be finding out why Yancey believes that Donne’s “raw account of the confrontations with God” has a lot to teach us about living in our pandemic world!


Free to attend. Advance Registration essential.


1st March

8pm-9pm (GMT) / 3pm (EST) / 12noon (PST)

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About Premier Unbelievable? Live

Premier Unbelievable? Live is a new series of online events you can join from anywhere in the world. The seminars will help Christians understand, defend and share their faith with confidence by learning from the foremost Christian thinkers, leaders and theologians in the world.


Look out for regular opportunities to engage in these Zoom webinars with Justin Brierley and his guests that allow early behind-the-scenes access to live Unbelievable? shows and interactive audience Q&A with the speakers.


Register now to get access to these events and news of our forthcoming Premier Unbelievable? Conference in May 2022.



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Register now to get free access to this event and be notified of future events and our forthcoming Unbelievable? Conference in May 2022.

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