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Not able to attend Unbelievable? The Conference or The Big Conversation Live in LA. Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

Join Unbelievable? The Conference via live stream!


Please fill out your information below to receive directly the live streaming link for The Big Conversation Live and Unbelievable? The Conference.

Live Stream Hours

The Big Conversation Live: Friday 11th Oct, 7:30 pm CA, USA / 3:30 am UK 

Unbelievable? The Conference: 12th October, 10am - 5pm CA, USA  / 18:00 pm UK

// 10am - 5pm, 12th October
// Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Change My Mind. 

It’s both a challenge and an invitation. But what does it take to change your mind about faith?

Justin Brierley has been hosting Unbelievable? in the UK for over a decade  - a show which invites people to reconsider their beliefs every week. Join him for a conference that will help you to reach skeptics with the case for Christianity. 

Learn from speakers who have journeyed from atheism to Christianity and now make the case for why science, history philosophy and experience all point to the one who changes the mind, heart and soul - Jesus Christ.

Big Conversation
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